Find Fair Value for land in Kerala

Recently kerala government has launched a website to provide information regarding fair value for land in kerala. The website named is an online database where we can find the fair value of a particular piece of land in kerala. The website has been launched in association with c-dit kerala. The website provides access for public as well as registered users. For public access a link has been provided on the home page itself. On clicking the link website will guide you to a new page, which is actually a search page where one is supposed to select in the district, taluk, village, desam, block no, land type, survey number and resurvey no. Dont worry if you don’t have your block no, survey number or resurvey number. You can still perform a search by selecting other fields. Hope this will help better understand the fair value of land in kerala rather than going after speculations in the real estate market.Visit the website


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